Dr. Arnd Stein • African Dreams 1

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Embedded in pleasant sound pictures attractive "poetic" dialogues develop between graceful melody curves in ever new variations.

The attractive interplay rich in contrast between crystal clear, glittering sound sequences and gentle flutes and string passages as well as skilfully used rhythmical and floating elements lend a strong expressiveness to this meaty composition.

This audio programm includes the following tracks:
1. Spirit of Africa
2. Silent Savannah
3. Sahara Breeze
4. Rhythm of Djenbe
If you listen to it with Play, you will hear all tracks one after each other. If you use Smiley, you will hear the first and second track as the Sleep part, the third as Wakeup and the fourth as Getup.

A modern as well as timeless work which embodies a special poetry: it sounds like a relaxing musical poem. Application areas:
- Reduction of everyday and job-related stress
- Increase in concentration and performance
- Improvement in learning ability
- Relief of dysfunctions, sleep disorders and chronic pain

Total duration (min:sec) 24:58
13:03 Duration Sleep part
05:40 Duration Wakeup part
06:15 Duration Getup part

No speech
Music: Dr. Arnd Stein
This audio program includes track number 1 to 4 of the correspondent CD.

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