English • Negotiations 3/4 — Business English

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English Level A2 | B1

Get to understand how the entrepreneur Mr. Clarence negotiates with an IT company for introducing a new IT system including the scheduling of the training. Also listen to the argumentation between two companies in the contract negotiation phase.

The series of Business English audio trainer for negotiations provides effectively and authentically all the key terms and phrases for successful negotiations in various situations. It only contains English language.

This audio program includes the following topics:
- What problems are you anticipating?
- We can't make any concessions on this point
- Making offers and bargaining

To improve your learning you will be asked to repeat phrases and to answer questions – doing so, you may either speak them out loud or just say it with your internal voice.

Total duration (min:sec) 36:22 including 00:19 introduction
27:45 Duration Sleep part
05:00 Duration Wakeup part
03:18 Duration Getup part

Guided program without music

This audio program is the first of third sections based on the correspondent CD published under the brand digital publishing by the Hueber Verlag.

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