Help to find items

The iWile shop offers many ways to find the items you want and also to discover new ones.


Among the categories (left), the items are generally listed by the 4 different products:

1) Audio-Programs like meditations and relaxing music

2) Background Images

3) Alarm Tones

4) Stereo Pillows

For audio programs, there is again the possibility to differenciate according to trainers or authors for guided meditations and hypnosis programs, musicians or composers for relaxing music, according to nature sounds or to make a selection according to areas of life such as e.g. well-being and personality. You can also display all audio programs.

Background images and alarm tones have no further classifications.

Stereo pillows is a specific category for information only. The iWile neck and sleep pillows are a perfect complement for the audio programs and can be purchased through web shops of our partners.


In addition, any search term can be entered in the search box (top right). The search function searches the entire shop for hits and lists all items where the search term appears. Left of the text input, you can also limit the search to specific categories, such as for audio programs only.

Filter by audio language and special topics:

On pages which lists items, filter and attributes can be set to restrict the result. The category "Show all" is ideal for this purpose.

You can filter according to the desired language of the audio (for example, if someone is interested in German meditations only) as well as specific topics such as relaxation, ideal weight, capabilities, etc.

If someone is logged in and has defined a preference for an audio language under "My Account", the language is set by default. There is also content without speech (for example music). This can also be turned on and off as a filter.

In addition, all filters can be reset.

Sort by:

Search results can be sorted by name and price.


For all Audio programs and alarm tones there is a prelistening function. I.e. you can prelisten to the voice of the speaker and a sample of the content before you decide on a purchase.

Items viewed last:

The 3 most recently viewed items appear on many pages, i.e. items where you were on the detail view. So you can quickly return to a previous item.

You can also put interesting articles in the shopping cart to decide later which items you want to buy.

Our recommendations:

You will also receive special offers on the start page, such as new releases, best sellers, etc. This offer changes regularly.

Tell a Friend:

In the detail view under "Tell a Friend" you can recommend an item to friends via email. By clicking on the link in the email the recipient gets directed to the shop's detail view of the recommended item.