In addition to the trainers, authors and musicians iWile also cooperates with the following partners:

Schirner VerlagTo reach out to people where they are, and to take them to new paths in spiritual worlds - this is the dearest wish of the Schirner Family.

The meditations of many authors of the publisher Schirner are also available on iWile. In the Schirner online shop the iWile stereo pillows, foam-pillows and neck pillows can also be purchased. 



Lavoja supports, advises and assists people in coping with stressful situations both in personal and business matters.

With the Pro version of the iWile App the voice frequency analysis (SFA) - MP3 can be played effectively and comfortablyIn this context Lavoja also offers its customers and partners the iWile stereo pillows.


Hueber VerlagThe Hueber Verlag is one of the leading publishers of instructional and teaching material in the adult and continuing education with a program that is dedicated to joy in languages. Didactic competence, methodically current and refreshing versatile.

digital publishingA variety of audio language courses offered by the Hueber Verlag under the brand digital publishing, can be found on iWile in the category languages.