Help to purchase items

Please note:

Download-items you buy in this shop can only be used on Android devices with version 4.0 or higher.

Apple users buy the items via In-App purchase on the App Store. Apple users can of course use the iWile shop with its extensive search and filter functions as well as prelistening capabilities to rummage around and find interesting content.

Place individual items in the shopping cart:

If you have found the desired item, you can use the  Add to cart  button to place items in the cart without obligation. In the same way as many other items can be added to the cart. Because these are items for download a particular item can only be placed once in the cart.

By clicking the  CHECKOUT, Edit Cart  button, ​​you can always view your shopping cart. And with the  continue shopping  button you return again.

Remove items from the cart:

You can remove an item from the shopping cart at any time by clicking the  delete  button.

Buy items online and pay / place order:

From the shopping cart it goes to the login and payment process, i.e. checkout.

If you want to buy the items in your shopping cart, click the  Proceed to step 2  button. 

If you already have an iWile account, please select "I already have an account" and enter your email address and password. Confirm by pressing the "Enter" key or the  Proceed to step 3  button. If you do not have an iWile account, establish one by entering your data. Mandatory fields are highlighted and marked with a '*'.

In step 3, select the method of payment. The items are all supplied exclusively via download. Check the terms and conditions and if these are acceptable to you, confirm this.

Press the  Proceed to step 4  button. Depending on your method of payment you will either be redirected to PayPal to authorize your payment or in the case of credit card payments directly to the final check page in order to verify your data for accuracy once more before purchasing and to enter your credit card information.

Press the  order in obligation  button to purchase the items at cost.

You get an overview of the items purchased. The items are stored in your account (you may download an item up to max. 3 times), and if you have made ​​the purchase from the App, downloaded to your device automatically. If you have made ​​the purchase via a browser, you can download the articles with the App later from your account.

Invoice via email:

You will receive an invoice to the email address you provided. This also includes an overview of the items purchased.