Help to use the iWile App

Audio programs from the iWile shop can only be played through the iWile App. For this, there are 2 functions:

  • Play: Plays the audio in one piece, similar to a CD Player
  • Smiley: Plays the audio in conjunction with the alarm clock

Smiley has the advantage that you can easily listen to the first part of the audio when you go to sleep and that the second and third part is played before and after the alarm tone, ideal to wake up gently. Because an iWile audio consists of 3 parts: the sleep, the wakeup and the getup part.

The title and the wakeup time is selected directly on the start page of the App by clicking on them.

A complete description of the App functions is available here. (If necessary, narrowing the browser window may beautify the presentation).

The App can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. Please note that for this smartphones or tablets with Android 4.0 or higher or Apple iOS 7.0 or higher are required.

The audios (as well as background images and alarm tones) can be purchased and downloaded directly from the App.

Android users

For Android devices you buy directly in the iWile shop and for this, you also have the shopping cart available. Therefore you set up an iWile account so that you can also download your purchased content up to 3 times, even to different Android devices.

Apple users

For Apple devices you buy the content through an In-App purchase in the Apple App Store. The same items are offered, but according to Apple's processes no shopping cart and no iWile account is available.

Items you have bought in the iWile shop can not be played on Apple devices (but must be purchased through the App Store). However, you can, of course, as Apple user browse the shop and use the extensive search and filter options, as well as pre-listening functions to get inspired.