iWile App - the new way to conveniently and effectively listen to relaxation and learning programs while falling asleep and waking up

Relaxed falling asleep, being gently awakened and thereby gaining more well-being - something that many dream of. With the iWile App you can now conveniently listen to audio programs while falling asleep and waking up; So exactly when your subconscious mind is particularly receptive to positive affirmations. Please watch here our animation.

iWile Animation Video

When you set the alarm-clock in the evening, you will automatically hear the first part of the audio program letting you fall asleep easily. And in the morning, you will hear the wakeup part of the audio program - even before the alarm-clock goes off - waking you up smoothly. In addition, the iWile App can also play an audio program without the alarm clock, e.g. for an after lunch break.

Furthermore the iWile App provides the convenient access to the content of the iWile shop, which already contains a variety of guided hypnosis programs, meditations and relaxation music from well-known trainers, psychologists and authors.

And - as an alternative to headphones - there are the iWile head and neck pillows with stereo speakers for free and comfortable listening.

Check out the App Impressions in order to get a first glance of the iWile App.   

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