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This is a special audio program with White Noise, which repeats automatically until the alarm-time is reached when it is rendered with the Smiley-function. Thus, it can play throught the whole night, for example. Developed for people, who suffer from sleeplessness due to tinnitus or a noisy environment.

White Noise is a pleasant sound that has a wide frequency range. It is often used in tinnitus retraining therapy. Tinnitus noises are thereby perceived as less loud and disturbing, in part even no longer noticed.

But also actual ambient noise can be tolerated with white noise and thus alleviate sleep problems.

In order to hear the White Noise at night with an optimal, three-dimensional sound effect, the iWile stereo pillow is recommended. Due to the fact that the sound is also perceived by the body via the skin, hair and bones, it ensures a particularly good resonance transmission. In addition, the pillow avoids annoying headphones and your bed neighbor must still not listen to it.

Proposed App listening-mode: Smiley

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Music: Weißes Rauschen
NOTE: Currently only available for the Apple iWile app as in-app purchae and the audio repeats only from App version 1.2.5.

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