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Important notice: the iWile App was discontinued by 30.09.2019. From this date onwards no further downloads are possible. Content that is already on the device will still be useable.

Relaxed falling asleep, being gently awakened and thereby gaining more well-being - something that many dream of. This is now possible with a smart combination of an alarm app and a music player.

Because the iWile App enables the automatic play-back of audio programs like meditations, hypnosis and learning lectures in the falling asleep and wakening-up phase, i.e. the special receptive state of your unconsciousness - and you even don't have to spend extra time for it. Naturally, you can also simply relax with music and nature sounds.

An iWile audio program consists of 3 parts: sleep (falling asleep), wakeup and getup. However, the length of a part may be 0, thus will not be rendered. In addition, some audio programs have an introduction at the beginning.

There are 3 main functions on the start screen to choose from. Note, some functions are only available in the Pro-Version, these are marked with (Pro) in the relevant sentence.

Main Functions

SMILEY: With this function the audio program will automatically be played in combination with the alarm clock. After activation you will listen to the relaxing sleep part of the selected title. Some minutes before the wakeup time you will hear the wakeup-part. If you press the snooze button when the alarm occurs, the last 5 minutes of this part will be repeated. When you turn off the alarm, you will hear the getup-part of the audio. The progress of each part is displayed by the progress bar.

In case you want to be woken up gently without the alarm tone, start the smiley function simply with a long-press (Pro). In this case, no alarm icon appears next to the wakeup time. If you still want to make sure you wake up, you can activate an alarm tone at the end of the audio (Pro). This end-alarm will be enabled in settings.

PLAY: With this function, you can simply play the whole audio program without interception, ideal for a relaxing break. In case you want an alarm at the end of the audio, you can activate this in the settings (Pro).

ALARM: This function allows you to activate a usual alarm clock without audio program. On hearing the alarm, you can turn off the alarm clock or be woken again after 5 minutes by pressing the snooze button.


Frequent changes like setting the wakeup time and changing the audio program can be done directly on the start screen. Further changes can be done under settings, where you also find a dedicated help for the settings, and which also includes a link to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

AUDIO: Changing the audio program for Smiley and Play is done by tapping on the displayed title on the start screen. Here you can also go to the shop/store to download further audios. You can also select one of your own audios on the phone, however this will always be played in one peace (Pro).

WAKEUP-TIME: The wakeup-time is changed by selecting the hours / minutes next to the Smiley icon. The wakeup-time applies to the normal alarm clock as well as for the Smiley function.

NIGHT-DISPLAY: Tap the current time and a night screen will display the current time and alarm time in a decent and energy-saving manner in case a function is active (Pro). In addition, this display provides a button for activating the lamp of the phone or tablet (Pro, and if supported by the device). If you tap again on the time you come back to the normal display.

SETTINGS. Further changes can be done under settings, such as the alarm-tone, background image and the time format. You can also select content from your own collection (Pro).

Playback Functions

During the rendering of an audio program, the following functions are available:

PAUSE: Pressing the Smiley or Play button again will toggle between play and pause.

SKIP: This allows you to jump to the next section of the audio program. For example, if you are using Smiley and want to get up earlier without waiting for the wakeup-part to play, or if you don't want to listen to the introduction.

STOP: This ends the current function and screen returns back to idle.

Info Area

In portrait view additional information about the speaker/artist and the audio content are displayed, and you can also go directly to the shop/store. This requires a network connection and costs may occur.

TRAINER/ARTIST: This gives you information about the speaker or musician of the currently selected audio.

TITLE: Here you learn more about the contents of the currently selected audio program.

MORE: This allows you to have a look at all audio programs of the selected trainer/musician by repeatedly pressing this button. If the selected audio has more than one author, the MORE-function will also show audios where only one of the authors have participated. With a long-press, you can select the shown audio program in the App in case the audio is already on your device. Otherwise you will be forwarded to the shop where you can download the audio program.

SHOP: Click here to go to the shop / store where you can purchase and download further audio programs, alarm tones and background images.

DESCRIPTION: This description you are currently reading is shown until you press one of the other info-area buttons.

Important note: Assure your device has enough power, ideally you connect it to the charger - also when using the night display.

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